FX Articles
Provided by fellow Lab members

They are in the general order of the FX process itself.
(example: sculpting first, then lifecasting, and so on)


Sculpting With Character
Joe Lester discusses the process and issues involved in sculpting with character.

The Slayer Sculpture Demo
Casey Love demonstrates sculpting a maquette in WED clay through step by step photos and descriptions.

Facecasting Basics
Christian Hanson demonstrates the basic process of casting a face for prosthetics.


Multi-Piece Prosthetic Makeups
Bill Barto discusses the history and technique of fabricating multi-piece, foam latex overlapping prosthetic makeups.

Multi-Piece Prosthetics Demo
Dan Kurz demonstrates fabrication of a multi-piece prosthetic makeup.

Cold Foam Prosthetic Fabrication
Anthony Veilleux demonstrates the process of fabricating a facial prosthetic out of cold foam.


Aging FX with latex tipple
Bill Barto demonstrates the process of aging an actor using stipple latex formulas


Airbrush Basics
Vance Hartwell provides his thoughts and tips on working with an airbrush.

Realistic Skin Painting
Vance Hartwell describes the steps and techniques for painting a foam rubber piece to match the varying tones of human skin.

Hair Punching
Dan Kurz demonstrates and details the procedure for punching hair into a piece.

Molding a Skull in Silicone
Vance Hartwell outlines the process of making a silicone mold of a human skull.


Silicone Matrix Molds
Vance Hartwell gives a quick step-by-step primer on fabricating a silicone matrix mold.

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