Note: For the time being, this page will contain some of both the Q&A and some tutorials previously posted in the old forum. As I get more caught up with other parts of the site, I will start to convert these subjects from 'Post' form to Web Page form. More subjects will also appear as time goes on. They will eventually be broken down into categories, with the Q&A in a separate area from the tutorials. For now, I'm working to make them available as quickly as possible.
From here you'll find answers to sculpting & casting questions, articles on the creation process, demos by some very skilled artists, 'How To' tutorials, material and tool information and lots more.
The Process
Articles & Demos outlining the process from conception to casting.
Sculpting Detail in Oil Clay
Tool & Sculpting Tutorial
What is WED Clay?
Sculpting for Prosthetics
Sanding Sculpy
Elephant Skin Wrinkles

Monster Lab Archive 1
WED Clay in the UK?
Oil Clay Too Soft
Clay Pour Procedures
Making Horns
Metal Pipe Sculpting Armature

Monster Lab Archive 2
Making a Pipe Armature
Paper mush and concrete
Where to buy Armature
Basic Maskmaking Supplies
Super sculpey solvent?
Baking Large Supersculpy Bust

Monster Lab Archive 3
Latex Ears
Skin Illustrator
The end of Makeup?
Molding with Silicone Caulk

Monster Lab Archive 4
Latex Mask Painting
Painting Demo
P-AX Paint, Various Flesh-tone Formulas
Paint Formulas
Amount of BodyDouble silicone required for casting
Casting Demo
Silicone Painting
Painting Tutorial
Royal JeL-E
FuseFX "How to" Materials Demo
Painting, Color Matching & Airbrushing Info
Painting Information
Sculpting Neck Detail
Step by Step Tutorial
Silicone Seaming Tutorial
Casting Tutorial
Paint Job #1
Paint Tutorial
Paint Job #2
Paint Tutorial
Cheap & Easy Clay Oven
Tool Building Tutorial
Vaccuforming - "poor man version"
Tool Building Tutorial
Plastic Wrap Zombie arm makeup
Translucent resin heads
How to make hybrid Vacuform teeth
Pigmenting a silicone base
FuseFX "How to" Materials Demo
Painting a silicone face
FuseFX "How to" Material Demo
Silicone old and new
Fake Intestines
Latex within latex?
Lateral Incisor Vampire Teeth
Tutorial (Warning: Lots of pictures)
Mold Making for Latex Masks.
Skin Illustrator (AA makeup) Basics
Homemade Flocking thing
Silicone Mask Making Techniques

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